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      Safty Advice for Using Magnets

      Please observe the followings to avoid injury or magnetic properties deterioration:
      1 When you use the magnets, you must keep the wroking environment clean; otherwise the magnets will absorb iron dust or other particles and affect its use.
      2 The magnets should be fixed when you magnetize it. The magnetic field would be 2.5 times bigger than coercively force in order to be saturated. Please keep it away form magnetic material , other wise it will be demagnetized.
      3 Magnetic material is very brittle. When the magnets been in the process of transportation, plating and installation, we should avoid carrying ,striking and dashing roughly.
      4 Highest usage temperature reach 500℃ of Alnico magnets and 400℃ of FeCrCo magnets; Make sure they are used within their highest temperature
      5 When we store the magnets, we should keep them dry; otherwise, the humidity environment will make the magnets rusted.